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Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering what to do with the ashes?

Nowadays, with burial becoming less popular, you are afforded many choices as to what to do with the cremated remains of your loved one.

There are four main options:

There are also many more imaginative and creative ways to pay tribute to the life of a loved one, which are not outlined here.

Whatever you decide to do, you could retain a small amount of the ashes to wear in a jewellery pendant or to fill a miniature keepsake urn; so the options outlined above are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

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Ash keepsake jewellery
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What size urn do I need?

The average sized adult in life will create about 3.5 litres of cremated remains. Most of our urns have a standard capacity of 3 litres or above. Some, like the CA001 and Serenity Duo, are able to hold a greater capacity.

Miniature keepsake urns have been designed to be able to hold a very small amount of ashes. They are particularly relevant for large families where many relatives wish to keep a token amount of the ashes, or for people who want a memento of their loved one but not necessarily a full-sized urn.

Our smallest urns - suitable for retaining a tiny amount of the ashes - are our ash keepsake jewellery pendants, which can be worn close to the heart.

For further size calculations click here.

How much ash is left after cremation?

Industry guides says that for every pound of body weight, allow one cubic inch of cremated remains. Standard size urns have approximately 200 cubic inches or 3.5 litres of internal volume and are suitable for an average adult. 1 litre is 61 cubic inches and 1 cubic inch is 0.0164 litres.


1 pound = 1 cubic inch of ashes

14 stone = 196 pounds

196 cubic inches x 0.0164 litres = 3.2144 litres of ashes

10 stone = 2.296 litres
11 stone =2.526 litres
12 stone = 2.755 litres
13 stone = 2.985 litres
14 stone = 3.214 litres
15 stone = 3.444 litres
16 stone = 3.674 litres
17 stone = 3.903 litres
18 stone = 4.133 litres
19 stone = 4.362 litres
20 stone = 4.592 litres

Can I specify a delivery time for my urn?

We can offer next working day delivery if you order a stock item before lunchtime. We can organise, at additional cost, a 'before 10am' delivery if you require your urn urgently. Please enquire for details.

What urns are suitable for outdoor use?

If you wish to keep your urn outside, you should consider choosing a marble urn.

What urns are suitable for the ashes of children or infants?

Miniature keepsake urns may be able to contain all of the ashes of a very small baby, but we do not recommend keepsake urns if you wish to keep the remains of a child in the one sacred vessel. Please see our size calculations to work out the size of the urn you will require.

Who puts the ashes in the urn?

Most families are more than capable of putting the ashes into the urn themselves. It is simple and can prove therapeutic.

Your crematorium or funeral directors will usually return the ashes to you in some type of container. Within this container the ashes are almost always contained in a plastic bag. We recommend retaining them in the plastic bag and then transferring them into the new urn without ever having to touch the ashes.

However, we understand that you might not feel comfortable filling the urn yourself. In these circumstances we recommend asking your funeral director's assistance. They should be more than happy to do this for you.

How do I go about choosing an urn?

Choosing the final resting vessel for your loved one is no easy task. Shaw's Funeral Products have sourced an extensive collection of high-quality ornamental urns, so you can be sure that you will be able to find something that reflects the life of your loved one or the relationship you shared.

How do I seal an urn?

Many of our urns do not need to be sealed, as they have screw-in lids.

Other styles of urns are supplied with a sealant as standard.

You can permanently seal any other urn with a sealant epoxy resin. Simply apply the epoxy around the rim of the access panel, and then securely fasten the panel on to the urn.

Most households will already possess a silicone sealant (for sealing purposes in bathrooms, for example). This can be also used to seal an urn, and is less "permanent" than glue, if you are considering perhaps burying the ashes at a later date. Be careful not to use too much and line an inner rim so that there can be no unsightly seepage.

What is a miniature keepsake urn?

Miniature keepsake urns have been designed to be able to hold a very small amount of ashes. Our elegant keepsake urns offer flexibility for those left behind. Even if families choose to inter or scatter the ashes, a small amount can be retained and shared between family members - so that everyone can have a personal and tangible memorial to the deceased. Our brass miniature keepsake urns - which resemble paperweights in size and weight - offer the perfect vessel for retaining a token amount of the ashes discreetly.

How long do biodegradable urns take to decompose?

Our biodegradable urns will biodegrade within three months when buried in the ground. Once placed in water, it will dissolve within three days.

If I buy a biodegradable urn, will it start to decompose before I bury it?

No. Our urns only start to decompose when in moist conditions. If the urn is stored in appropriate conditions it should last indefinitely.

What urns are suitable for burial at sea?

Any of our biodegradable urns with codes starting "UHY" have been certified for use by the Royal Navy.

Can I engrave my urn?

Our range of urns has been chosen due to their stylish, ornamental qualities, and their dissimilarity to traditional urns. We therefore assume that clients will not want to have an engraved plaque affixed to them. We advise waiting until you have the urn in your possession to make sure that engraving is what you want and then to organise it locally.

How long will it take to deliver my urn?

Delivery entirely depends on which item you have ordered. Some of our urns are held in stock and others are special order only and will be subject to a lead time of approximately 7 to 10 working days.

If you order a stock urn by lunchtime, you should normally receive it the next working day as standard.

Our website makes it clear which items are held in stock and which are special order only.

If you require a more urgent delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01322 621100 and we will endeavour to accommodate your request.

What is a scattering vessel?

Scattering urns were designed as a simple yet attractive means of dispersing ashes with dignity. As well as being an easy-to-use scattering solution, they are also suitable for interment, or for use as keepsakes. Our wide range of designs cater for every taste and the range of sizes make them suitable for split, token or keepsake ashes, as well as full sets of ashes.

Ash keepsake jewellery

What is ash keepsake jewellery?

Our high-quality ash keepsake jewellery pendants have hidden chambers for containing small amounts of a loved one's remains, a lock of hair or dried ceremonial flowers. Easily filled and sealed, these beautifully handcrafted pendants are the perfect choice for those wishing to keep the ashes of a loved one close to the heart.

Over 40 varied styles are available to suit all ages and tastes. Most designs are offered in a choice of metals and may be worn on key chains, charm bracelets or necklaces.

Will my pendant be supplied with a chain?

Unless otherwise stated, chains are not included with pendants. We offer a selection of chains for purchase. It may be advisable to purchase the pendant and then choose the length of chain according to how you wish to wear it.

How do I care for and clean my pendant?

To ensure full bond strength, we recommend a 24-hour waiting period after filling and sealing before the pendant is worn. To maintain the bond, pendants should not be immersed in water.

Brass, Pewter & Bronze Pendants

Some skin types may react to certain metals. If tarnishing occurs, a soft cotton polish cloth and cream will restore shine.

Silver and 14k Gold Pendants

If needed, the pendant's shine can be restored with silver cleaner and a cotton cloth to avoid scratching.

Fine scratches that can appear from wear may be buffed out by a professional jeweller.

Plated Pendants

Gold vermeil is a high grade of plating over sterling silver. Contact with some skin types may cause discolouring. Shine can be restored with water on a soft cotton polish cloth to avoid scratching. Avoid polishing cream as gold plating can wear off.

Titanium Pendants

Titanium can be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with warm soapy water. Dry thoroughly before wearing.

Stainless Steel Pendants

The pendant's shine can be restored as needed with polish cream and a cotton cloth to avoid scratching.

How do I fill and seal my pendant?

We supply equipment for filling and sealing pendants with every sale.

We advise that purchasers of this product should ask their funeral professional t

We have provided instructions for filling and sealing Shaw's keepsake pendants. These instructions apply to the majority of the range. Please see below for details of how to fill/seal our filigree pendants (styles 127 and 128)

Please read the following directions carefully before filling:

1. Remove bale (threaded cap), screw or back from pendant.

2. Place funnel in opening of the pendant.

3. Fill the pendant no more than 90% full. Volume of contents will vary with pendant size.

4. Important: After filling, remove the funnel and clear the threading with the provided pick. Take bale/screw on and off a couple of times to ensure the threads are clear.

5. Glue bonds quickly! Use care not to get glue on your hands or pendant body.

6. Start by threading the bale / screw into the pendant. Carefully apply a VERY SMALL AMOUNT of glue to the threads and continue screwing bale / screw until it is positioned properly.

7. For threading bale: Line up the eye of the bales so it is perpendicular to the face of the pendant. If the eye of the bale is facing forward, the chain will twist and the pendant will not hang properly.

Note: Some pendants may have to be left loose a quarter turn to have the loop line up properly. This is not a concern because the glue will seal the pendants.

Filling / Sealing Filigree pendants: (127-128)

Start by un-screwing the bottom of the pendant and removing the glass cylinder. (Use pick to loosen glass insert if needed.) Fill the glass cylinder and replace the plastic stopper. Apply a drop of glue to the top of the stopper and slide the glass into the filigree casing. Press and hold for one minute.

Apply a small amount of glue to the inside base of the silver cap and threads. Screw the cap on to secure the cylinder.

How long will it take to deliver my pendant?

Delivery entirely depends on which item you have ordered. Some of our pendants are held in stock and others are special order only and will be subject to a lead time of approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

If you order a stock pendant by lunchtime, you should normally receive it the next working day as standard.

Our website makes it clear which items are held in stock and which are special order only.

If you require a more urgent delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01322 621100 and we will endeavour to accommodate your request.

What do I do if I am not happy with the pendant I ordered?

Shaw's Funeral Products has a 100% guarantee policy on the quality of our product line. Shaw's Funeral Products carefully inspects each item prior to dispatch and individually wraps them to ensure their safe arrival.

To maintain our lifetime guarantee, all pendants must be sealed with glue. As in the nature of hand-crafted goods, the finishes may vary a bit from piece to piece.

Some pendants have a high polished finish which may scratch easily, so please handle with care.

If there are any problems with your shipment, please report it to us by e-mail or telephone within two days of receiving it. Please keep all items in the original packaging and return to us. We will arrange replacement.

We are not liable for un-sealed or incorrectly glued pendants, ill-threaded pendants or lost pendants due to a broken chain.

Specialist products for the conduct of funerals

How do the funeral flags attach to cars?

The flags are magnetic and will attach to any vehicle. It takes some effort to remove them and they will remain attached until forcibly removed.

Do funeral flags damage vehicles?

The magnetic funeral flags will not leave any sign of having been attached to the vehicle. They will not cause any damage.

Return items to us using Collect+

Returning your goods to us is simple. Contact the team on 01322 621100 to arrange a return via the Collect+ service. You will receive a pre-paid returns label by email to print off and fix to the parcel, (in doing so please ensure that the barcode on the label is not covered with any tape). Take the package to your local Collect+ store (there are over 6,000 stores nationwide where you can drop off your returns, most of which are open early 'til late 7 days a week). Search for your nearest store using the "Find a Store" function at When it's dropped off a receipt will be issued as proof of postage, with a tracking code to follow it online.

  • To qualify for a refund or exchange your item must be unused and returned to us in its original condition. We advise that you pack the urn/jewellery securely in its original packaging ideally. Each item within the parcel should be wrapped individually to ensure items cannot move around in transit. Padding should be used so that the item/s do not touch any of the sides of the box. Finally, it is recommended that the packaging is securely sealed using strong tape. Following these steps should ensure that the items reach us in re-saleable condition.